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Haibin Lin (Eric)

Hello! I am Haibin, a graduate student in Master of Science in Computer Science programme at Carnegie Mellon University. I received BEng degree in Computer Science at University of Hong Kong in 2014 and worked as a research assistant in Database System Lab. I was an exchange student at University of Toronto in 2013.

My interest falls within database systems, distributed system, high performance computing and cloud computing.

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Eric Haibin Lin - Goldman Sachs

Intern @ VMWare

Incoming intern at Virtual Machine Life-Cycle team

Eric Haibin Lin - Peloton

In-Memory HTAP Database

Contributor to Peloton, an open-source in-memory database for hybrid transactional & analytical workload. Improved indexing layer with MSSQL's lock-free log-structured concurrent bw-tree. Improved logging sub-system with on lightweight, scalable logging with back-pressure mechanism(with 15% performance overhead at peak throughput). Implemented checkpoint creation & recovery and parallel log recovery.

Eric Haibin Lin - Peloton

LSTM Training on multi-GPU

Working on LSTM training performance with multi-GPUs based on MxNet framework. Improved bucketing algorithm to GPU utilization, explored data parallel and model parallel for LSTM training, achieved 5.2x speedup of LSTM training on 4 GPUs compare to 1 GPU performance on the Penn Treebank dataset.

Eric Haibin Lin - Twitter AWS

Twitter Analytics on AWS

Extracted, transformed and loaded 1TB of tweets data into MySQL and HBase using AWS Elastic Mapreduce. Designed and optimized schema for MySQL and HBase, deployed in sharding and replication to achieve high throughput and low latency for different queries. Built a custom load balancer which distributes load based on CPU utilization and detects backend failure

Eric Haibin Lin - SecureDB

Secure Cloud Database

SecureDB is a secure query processing middleware for any off-the-shelf DBMS, where queries are executed on encrypted data on the cloud without decryption first.

Eric Haibin Lin - Twitter AWS


A distributed PAXOS-based storage system for storing web­scraped data, and analyzing the data with pagerank algorithm.

Eric Haibin Lin - Goldman Sachs

Software Engineer Intern @ Goldman Sachs

Interned in enterprise workflow management and automation team at Goldman Sachs in 2015 summer

Eric Haibin Lin - Nexchange

Software Engineer @ Nexchange

Early technical member of the engineer team at Nexchange, a social media startup for financial professionals

Eric Haibin Lin - Spacious App

Software Engineer @ Spacious

I was a software engineer intern at Spacious Asia, a tech startup developing an online real estate platform. I was working on developing iOS & Android apps

Eric Haibin Lin -  G2A

Go2Africa Project @ Ghana

In 2013, I led a team of 14 people to Ghana, Africa for three weeks. During the service trip, we did voluntary teaching as well as toilet construction. I also initiated fundraising for mosquito net donation for ~20k HKD

Eric Haibin Lin - Hiking

Hiking @ HK

Hiking is one of my favourite parts in Hong Kong. The hardest one I had was to finish 50km's Hong Kong Trail within 13 hours. That was unforgettable!